Lloyds Banking Group

Plum delivered a range of services for Lloyds Bank Group IT to support their talent management programme.


Lloyds Banking Group wanted to improve their retention and development of female leaders across their largest function, Group IT across the Bank and developed an award winning talent ‘Break Through’ programme. Profiling of the talent pool revealed a number of development areas including a lack of confidence around strategic awareness and operation.  

“From the start of their engagement the team at Plum were able to quickly grasp the challenges that the organisation were facing, integrate an engaging and wholly relevant intervention, that built confidence and understanding within the senior managers that were going through the programme.

Being able to tap into a great blend of real life scenarios, work with the participants to challenge their behaviour and that of those around them, whilst bring to life the strategic direction of the organisation meant that we are now well positioned to ensure that we will have the right blend of talent ready for their next step.”
— Sean Ramgoolam, Design Lead and Lloyds Value Colleague


Assimilating the original profiling work and building upon the Bank’s leadership framework, Plum undertook some diagnostic and testing to specify what skills, abilities and mindsets leaders needed in the strategy domain. We piloted the approach with Lloyds colleagues and launched the strategy module as part of the wider talent programme. 

Participants completed a pre-survey on their self assessed strategic skills and mindsets. They then attended a practical two day programme, to introduce them to the place of strategy and particularly their role in implementing strategy in operations and with their teams. The programme supported strategic impact, building on earlier modules on personal impact and help them practice strategic thinking and strategic influencing in a safe and fun environment. Participants then completed a post course self assessment of the shift in their strategic ability and confidence.


20% increase in participants strategic knowledge and ability post the intervention.

Part of an award-winning programme for diversity.

Design and delivery of a clear strategic mind-set, linking Group, team and individual.

Almost all participants in the original cohort got a promotion with the Bank.

The programme was so well received, it was rolled out to other parts of the business.

The training days which we’ve just attended this week had a lot to live up to - but they did, and wildly surpassed expectation – a real ‘wow’ for me!
— Course participant