Explore our four service frames to tackle cultural change.

Our four service areas compliment one another to create large-scale cultural change, or support individual challenges. Have a look below at what we do and our associated products. Talk to us about what you need.


Shaping Culture

Organisational culture shapes organisational performance. Depending on the prevailing norms, to which new and existing employees are exposed, the ‘way we do things around here’ can support organisational success, or it can limit it.  Some of these factors are clear and some are hidden. Plum helps organisations shape and reinforce a strong culture connected to clear purpose.




Organisational Design

Accelerating Change

To survive is to adapt for business success and longevity. All organisations have to support their people to change, either in small or large ways. Plum has tools and techniques to accelerate change and make it stick, because we work with the rational and the predictably irrational elements of change over the longer term. 



Transformation Accelerator

Strategy Development

Service Transformation

Accelerated Learning Events

Passionate Leadership

Leaders have a disproportionate impact upon organisational performance - either positively or negatively. They are part of the hidden dynamics of change. Plum works with leaders to understand their impact on the business and ensure that it is predominantly positive.  This often involves reconnecting leaders with who they are and what they do, to create great working cultures. Nothing was ever achieved by people being ‘mildly interested’.



Leadership Development & Programmes

Board Development

Executive Coaching

Winning Mindsets

Often the difference in peak performance lies not necessarily in technical ability, but in attitudinal dexterity. One player gains a competitive advantage through a more flexible mindset. This is standard understanding in sports performance. It is not yet standard in business performance. Plum helps organisations create change and development interventions that work with this important hidden dynamic of success.



Operational Excellence

Employee Motivation Solutions

People & Team Development

Talent Management